Gig Guide


A Happy New Year to all our musician friends,

our wonderful supporters & bar staff and once again a special thanks

to  Nicki for our web site and the Family Andrews for their brilliant

video and Facebook work.  


 2018  Gigs 


10 Jan- DTTW    Dusty, Ronnie & Guests incl Sam Kelly,

                                 Nick Payne, Janos, Eddie Masters

24 Jan - The Busquitos, "mad jazz/blues from the Netherlands" £9/8

Feb 7 - Bad Influence 

Feb 21 - Good Old Boys 

Mar 7 - Tyzak and Tortora 

Mar 21 - Geoff Achison Band,  Australian blues master tour £8/7

APR 4 - Rollo Markee Band

APR 18 - Paul Cox Band

May 2 - Cherry Lee Mewis (TBC)  


S far Booked for later Papa George,Split Whiskers