Gig Guide


A Happy New Year to all our musician friends,

our wonderful supporters & bar staff and once again a special thanks

to  Nicki for our web site and the Family Andrews for their brilliant

video and Facebook work.  


A Special mention at this time for the musicians friend

Rupe Butterfield who provided a wonderful gig website and jam

session over the years for local music.He passed away over the

Christmas holiday and we will be celebrating him and his memory

during the week  commencing 2nd Jan 2017.

Many thanks dear friend.


2017 Gigs


Jan  11- Guest Special-  "Down to the Wire 2017"

 Dusty and Ronnie are joined by Sam Kelly, Martine, Simon Taylor etc

Extra gig Jan 18- Dusty's Guests- Roxon Roadshow -top Country Music

Jan 25 - Della Grants

Feb 8 - Bad Influence

Feb 22- Rollo Markee 

Mar  8- Guy Tortora Band

Mar 22- Rag Mama Rag

Apr 5 - Teed Up (featuring Steve Roux)

Apr 19 Nigel Bagge Band

May 3 - Spike Drivers

May 17 - The Cadillac Kings

 May 31- Good Old Boys

 Jun14 - Paul Cox Band

Jun 28 - Backbone Blues Band

Jul 12 - Robin Bibi

Jul 26- Split Whiskers

Aug  9- Dave Ellis & Boo Howard +Lewis Cohen

Aug 23- Birthday Bash- Blues Factory

Sep 6 - 24 Pesos -CANCELLED now Cadillac Kings

Sep 20 - Pete Harris Blues Band

Oct 4 - Steve Simpson-Cancelled now Papa George Band

Oct 18- Roxon Road Show

Nov 1- Red Wine Serenaders  

Nov 15- Steve Morrison Band

Nov 29 - 24 Pesos

Fri Dec 8th- Dustys Xmas Bash with "Wedge" - £10 tickets

available Ron - 07946 522217

Dec 13 - Luke Doherty Band


  Christmas Break     


 2018  Gigs 


10 Jan- DTTW    Dusty, Ronnie & Guests incl Sam Kelly

24 Jan - The Busquitos, "mad jazz/blues from the Netherlands" £9/8

Feb 7 - Bad Influence 

Feb 21 - Good Old Boys 

Mar 7 - Tyzak and Tortora 

Mar 21 - Geoff Achison Band,  Australian blues master tour £8/7










 Christmas Break